1 Milion NFT
Don’t miss your chance to STAKE OUT YOUR PLACE in NFT history!



  • Zoomable and scrollable mobile friendly 1000 x 1000 grid with all the painted NFT-pixels and users’ links.
  • ERC-20 wallet connect, suitable dashboard, asset management and ability to paint on NFT pixels you own.
  • Easy to use smart- contract based marketplace to buy, sell or rent NFT and ERC-20 tokens inside the community.
What is 1MillionNFTHow It Works TGE
  • Users receive some % of the unlocked ERC-20 tokens.
  • They have 6 hours to buy NFTs in a reserved location and paint them once.
  • Users can either buy more ERC-20 tokens to get all their reserved NFT locations.
  • Or don’t buy and loose the priority to get these NFT locations.
  • You are welcome to buy, sell and rent NFT and ERC-20 tokens on a marketplace.
    What is the project about?
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Вика Егорова

Вика Егорова


indicator system for working according to the Volume Spread method