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Gamestarters is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that helps indie game developers to fundraise by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFTs. Additionally, Gamestarter provides a marketplace to trade digital assets from successfully launched games. Gamestarter’s platform economy will run on GAME Coin (‘GAME’), which will power all transactions on the platform as well as referral bonuses and reward programs.

Gamestarter will:

  • Provide developers with advantageous funding opportunities. Developers will be able to fundraise while retaining full equity and IP.
  • Introduce new revenue streams for gamers and developers alike.
  • Establish a Rich Token-Based Economy. Powering referral bonuses, digital goods, reward programs, and more.
  • Provide effective marketing tools by giving developers access and exposure to the StartNFT community.


  • Gamestarters has a dedicated allocation of $500,000 to KOLs, which were carefully selected to help with the marketing and community development.
  • It is negotiating with a few prominent marketing agencies, who will handle PR, advertising & community management.
  • They will form partnerships with other NFT-based projects and indie game development studios.
  • They will introduce affiliate programs and reward systems.


Because of the relative novelty of the NFT technology, and the innovative approach of blending the concept of pre-selling NFTs to crowdfund indie games, currently there are no direct competitors for StartNFT. However there is a clear demand for both: new video games and NFTs.

Indie games raise hundreds of millions from gamers across the world on major crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and from equity crowdfunding. Both funding routes have certain drawbacks.

Tokenized funding does not work for everyone

Despite the growing popularity of blockchain-based games, most games cannot run token sales as they do not want to implement a utility token in their game.

Because utility tokens cannot be securities, if a token commits to offering what equity crowdfunding offers, ownership in a startup, then the token sale is illegal. This forces tokens to act solely on a utility basis, and that means they need to fit into some digital economy. The necessity for tokens to only be valuable within a digital economy is a hyper limitation as then only blockchain-enabled products are reasonable fits.

However, all games can have playable items that can be converted to NFTs.

NFTs in the gaming ecosystem

Games are probably the only sustainable implementation of NFTs:

  • Game items are massive economies.
  • Game items are often non-fungible digital items with a utility: skins for showing off or celebrating, weapons for combat, resources for creation, unique trading cards etc.
  • Game items are heavily adopted among the global game economy; a $160 billion business that grows by 10% or more every year.
  • Game items are a form of investment. They are an entire asset class that is far bigger than all current NFT marketplaces put together.
  • Game items have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and often goes up in value as the game gains traction.

Why Gamestarter is the new standard of game crowdfunding

Gamestarter is the first platform to combine traditional crowdfunding opportunities with the benefits of tokenized funding. Game developers issue digital in-game assets as NFTs. They can be purchased as investment assets or simply as playables by gamers on the Gamestarter marketplace.

Unlike using tokenized funding, game developers do not have to issue utility tokens. And unlike traditional crowdfunding, gamers do not need to participate in illiquid and high-risk crowdfunding.

While millions of gamers around the world are funding games by buying playable assets, the system is risky and illiquid. Gamestarter does not only tap into the huge game crowdfunding market but considerably grows the participation of gamers in crowdfunding by making the market hyper liquid, less risky and more accessible.




Crowdfunding platform

Gamestarter is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that helps indie game developers to fundraise by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFTs. Only meticulously screened and expert-rated projects will be listed on StartNFT ensuring the highest possible future asset value. Similar to Kickstarter’s proven business model, funding on Start NFT is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal.

NFT marketplace

Gamestarter provides a marketplace to trade digital assets from successfully launched games. Giving the NFTs owners as much agency as possible and the ability to sell and realize real-world value from their holdings is essential for the NFT ecosystem to thrive.


Gamestarter — is powered by ETH based GAME Coin token. Once you get GAME Coin you are eligible to purchase any NFT assets or product on the Gamestarter network.

To maximize security they use proven and audited technology. The basic infrastructure on Gamestarter is built by integrating already existing solutions and practices that have been proven over time.

The encrypted seed phrase, along with other sensitive data like addresses, keys, and account data, is securely saved in the browser’s local storage. No online app, website, or provider can access any of that secured data — the user remains with total control over their wallet. To store and manage accounts, MetaMask’s Eth-Keyring library used. They leverage audited and proven open source solutions to minimize the possibility of error.




All funding and asset trading activity on the marketplace will be powered by Gamestarter’s coin “GAME”.

GAME token holders will benefit from:

- Trading fee discounts on the NFT marketplace if the native token is used for fees.

- VIP access to the hottest in-game NFT assets. The best (oversubscribed) game items will be issued via allocation lotteries to GAME holders.

GAME tokens will also be used as an engagement incentive to the community. Gamestarter users will have opportunities to easily and instantly earn GAME Coins by completing the following actions:

  • Referral of players
  • Participate in betas
  • Watch advertisements
  • Trade digital goods
  • Participate in rewards program
  • Report bugs
  • Write reviews
  • Compete in contests


Seed SaleFundraised:$2,000,000Price:$0.08Lock-up:20% unlocked at the TGE, then 20% on a quarterly basis

SEED SHOFundraise:$340,000Price:$0.08Lock-up:20% unlocked at the TGE, then 20% on a quarterly basisPersonal Allocation:$1,000



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