Poseidon Network (QQQ) Cryptocurrency — Detailed Review

Poseidon Network — QQQ Cryptocurrency Overview
Poseidon Network — This is a decentralized P2P infrastructure, as well as the world’s first hybrid blockchain CDN application platform, which is built on the concept of the Internet of Things (IoTs) and has four business models: B2B, B2C, C2B2B and C2B2C.

The Poseidon platform was founded by Light Lin, Taiwan’s most famous serial entrepreneur. His background is well known to entrepreneurs for such developments as — social media platform — Wretch.cc, crowdfunding platform — BiiLabs.io, blockchain lab — Venue.tw, etc. He also serves as an advisor to government agencies such as Silicon Valley Asia and the DIGI+ Advisory Committee in Asia.

Poseidon Network
As the Internet has evolved, the number of connected devices and the demand for network quality has grown. Telecom transmission products have always been the most bandwidth-hungry and increasingly demanding development of bandwidth.

In recent years, streaming applications such as Music, Video and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are also in high demand. For example, 4K quality movies and photos have entered people’s daily lives as basic needs, and their resolution is 4 times the standard high quality.

When the 5G communication system gradually replaces 4G, the bandwidth of each device will be 10 to 40 times the current size. At that time a lot, the average number of devices POSEIDON Network is the world’s first hybrid CDN blockchain platform applications.

Poseidon Network.

POSEIDON Network already uses IoT (Internet of Things) to provide CDNs to customers. Blockchain technology is not introduced for its own sake, but to achieve a goal and change people’s Internet habits!

In the next 15 years, 5G will contribute $2.2 trillion to global GDP, accounting for 5.3% of GDP growth. Whereas the global CDN market is expected to grow to $30.89 billion.

The principle of the Poseidon Network
QQQ cryptocurrency working principle

A-request of the content from the working node. Alice requests the content of the work node form C. Before WN-C starts to deliver, it sends a signal to its neighbor SN-A, and after the delivery of the content Alice sends a verified signal to SN-A, and we will call it “verified”.

B-requests the content from the Super-node. Since SN-B cannot verify itself, SN-B sends a signal to the neighboring SN-A, and after the content is delivered, Bob sends a verified signal to SN-A, and we will call it “verified.”

The architecture of Poseidon’s network DApps
The top diagram shows scenarios for applications and dApps, including live streaming, video sharing, photo sharing, file sharing, update file distribution and future blockchain identification, trust execution environment (TEE), etc., and unlimited features.

Poseidon Network architecture.

The middle graph shows the smart contracts and algorithms. These algorithms maintain the efficiency of the Poseidon network and shape its level of oversight.

The bottom diagram shows the entire basic architecture, which includes QCDN, DSN, and blockchain. The QCDN also contains QEdge as a node and a Qontroller distributor.

Benefits of the Poseidon Network
The project undoubtedly has its own advantages that need to be listed:

QQQ cryptocurrency.

Scalable. We already host decentralized global nodes providing bandwidth, storage and computation, combined with several first-class blockchain partners.
Cheaper. 1/3 times cheaper than cloud providers, but still faster. Enterprise friendly solutions and services are provided.
Faster. Poseidon is 10 times faster at TTFB and twice as fast as AWS CloudFront.
The developers have created a Blockchain-based platform for sharing Internet resources. The economy of the platform is based on its own cryptocurrency — QQQ token, which is mining-friendly and powerful in every way.

Poseidon Network Team

Raymond. Raymond worked for a Belgian company in Taiwan before joining Qinfra. As an R&D team leader, he plays a major role in collaborative projects among Taiwan, USA and Belgium with solid technical knowledge and good communication. Raymond holds a master’s degree in communication engineering from National Tsing-Hua University.
ST Wang. Dr. Wang has more than 20 years of professional experience in machine learning and embedded systems. Previously, he was responsible for developing various solutions and building proprietary features. Dr. Wang holds a Ph.D. in computer science and computer engineering.
Wu Sung. Wu Sung has over 16 years of professional experience in serving as an IT consultant. He develops various enterprise solutions based on GCP and AWS. Wu Sung holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information engineering.
Ju Ouyang. D. candidate at the Institute of Medical Sciences, Tsu Ji University, Hualian. Familiar with embedded Linux development. Familiar with architecture and implementation of automatic GUI testing.
To learn more about the project team, please visit the link — https://poseidon.network/company/#team.

QQQ cryptocurrency rate
At the time of writing this article, the cryptocurrency Poseidon Network is at number 257 in the CoinMarketCap ranking. QQQ has a market capitalization of $4 million and a daily trading volume of about $40,000. QQQ token can be stored in any wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard.

Buy Poseidon Network on BitForex

QQQ/USD real time chart
Using the Internet of Things equipped with CDN and the right Blockchain technology, guarantees the success and prosperity of Poseidon Network. Deploying the Poseidon Network means reorganizing the future world.

The next-generation content acceleration layer (CDN + DSN), driven by token savings, is cheaper but faster. It uses unused bandwidth and storage from any NAS, desktop or mobile device around the world. It is distributed, efficient and integrates perfectly with existing internet and blockchain infrastructure. It also serves as a bandwidth optimization mechanism for each type of web content (static file / video on demand / live streaming).

The POSEIDON network will seek long-term partnerships with companies, government agencies, universities, etc. as stable large nodes.



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